Contigo Capital

At Contigo Capital, we aid our clients to achieve the highest returns in their investments, by adhearing to values of integrity, simplicity, and preformance.

  • Integrity: Through competitive rates we help out clients obtain the best possible outcome for their finanical needs.
  • Simplicity: We provide the ability to easily accomplish your financial goals.
  • Performance: We provide our clients with direct solutions from our private money investors in as little as 24 hours.

Our mission is to offer private financing solutions to real estate investors, small business owners, and investors. To date, Contigo Capital has expierenced a high client retention rate, through competitive rates, easy terms, and fast solutions. Our clients often keep multiple loans and continually borrow for new acquisitions. Let us help you build a successful flipping or aquistion business.

Investing can be confusing without the proper resources...

Let Contigo Capital assist you!